Choronzon Blood Rite

by Black Funeral

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From the storms which tear the earth, haunting the skies at night, empowering chaos and embracing vampyric magick, the cult USBM horde Black Funeral return from the abyss with this morbid spell of blood lust and darkness!
Raw, vampyric & occult Black Metal! CD Released by Dark Adversary Productions.


released October 31, 2012

Akhtya Nachttoter - Vocals, Lyrics & Invocations
Marchozelos - Guitar, Drums



all rights reserved


Black Funeral Spring, Texas

Black Funeral was founded in 1993 and continues to creates traditional black metal with dark, ghostlike soundscapes, screams and a wide range of demonic utterances to enhance and draw the listener in to the abyss. Black Funeral weaves grim and violent black metal hostility with atmospheres. ... more

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Track Name: Choronzon Blood Rite
Choronzon Blood Rite by Akhtya Nachttoter

Invoke beyond
Opening the gates of night
Blood spilt
Entering the shadows

Primal nightmares stir
Memories return
Devil of the Aethyr
We are as one

Crawling in the abyss
Ascending upward
Blood is life, gateway

Dragon-burning black fire of wisdom
Daath illuminated in darkest night
Passing through the veil of death
Entrance, offered the waters of abyss

Entrance of the mind
Joined as one
Son of the Night
Fallen majesty of predatory splendor

I become Master of Forms
As I create my desires
Born into shadow-flesh
I am the Malice of Choronzon

Choronzon Blood Rite
Dragon of the Abyss
Bringer of Consciousness
Initiator of Gods!
Track Name: The Stooping Dragon of Chaos
Lyrics by Akhtya Nachttoter

The eternal fall
Piercing dragon rushing down
Entering the abyss
Illuminate the darkness with fire

The heads of Choronzon
Red Dragon, crowned
Infernal dominion
Eden devoured to nothingness

Seven Heads, Ten Horns
Devour all life born
Lucifer, fiery redeemer
Ascend upward to make sheep desolate

The Dragon-mouth opened
Curse the weakness of Eden
Give the Infernal Waters of Daath
Piercing and Crooked Serpent..behold Leviathan!

Blackened Light of the Abyss
Entering the ruins
Temple of the Black Flame
Hearken to the calls of Choronzon

Infernal Adversary
Arise to our invocations
Ancient Spirit of illumination

Lord of Chaos
Many bestial forms
Ancient Serpent coiling

I become now the devouring dragon
Flesh and spirit are one!
From Daath I enter
The world of flesh
Track Name: Moongarm - Thirsting for Lifeblood
Lyrics by Akhtya Nachttoter

From within, thirst
From within, hunger
Rising up, gray shadow
To seek the continued existence

To grow strong
From the life escaping in the void
Haunting the skies of night
The moon offers the lamp of wisdom

The wolfshape rising
The mighty darkbringer
Chaos thirsting
Nightmare beast

To fill myself with lifeblood
Of those who have died
To swallow the stars and rise as god
I shall spill blood across the sky

From the storms which tear the earth
Empowerment of chaos
Released force of nature

In the mind
We seek to destroy
And consume more life
To grow strong…immortal
Track Name: Winds of Zarnesti
Lyrics by Akhtya Nachttoter

Exhumed by the profane
Daughter of poisoned passions
Torn by iron forks
Burnt in the fires

Of the fearful
Fly forth as the raven
Take flesh again
Blood embraced shadow
Dwelling in the temples

Of Lilith’s talons
Fresh crimson blood
Bathed in sapphire splendor
Goddess of immortal hunger

The winds of Zarnesti
Call forth winds
Of the raven night
Claws tearing forth

In a realm of shadows
She learnt the black art
Of immortal power
Unto the winds of zarnesti
Track Name: Ripping through the Aura
Lyrics by Akhtya Nachttoter

Crimson hunger arising
Spirit not encircled in flesh
Gathered in the night cloaked in darkness
To go forth where the sleeping lie
Gathering shadows
Astral tendrils grow, black and darksome
Within the center of my shadow
Burning fire, crimson desire
I hunger for life, I hunger for immortality
To feast eternally on the blood of spirit
The very essence of life itself
No boundaries on the spirit plane
We can rip through them
Our tendrils of darkness reaching in to the body
Tearing into the aura
Draining slowly
Ecstasy and power
Hunger for life renown
Arise in the form of draconis
Arise in the form of the wolf
The bat shall carry us on wings of night
Burning center, the beast hungers within
Must go forth to feed
Tendrils rising, desire for drinking from the spirit of my prey
Gathering shadows
To go forth where the sleeping lie
Tearing into the aura